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The company LURDES NARCISO was founded in February 1993, in the Azores, the largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in Portugal.

Our core business is export and commercialization of fresh fish. We are dedicated to the processing, freezing and marketing of fish.

With facilities in the Azores and mainland Portugal, we cover more than 75% of national fishing ports.

Today, we are one of the main Portuguese players in the export and commercialization of fresh fish, as well as one of the largest exporting companies in the Azores.

Our DNA includes know-how with more than 50 years, the ability to challenge ourselves and to overcome ourselves every day, a sense of responsibility and commitment, factors that lead us to establish a regular, consolidated and recognized in the sector.

We are the reference partner of our customers. We are proud and passionate about what we do. We believe in our team and partners to aim at new challenges and objectives.
With an assertive and clear look at tomorrow, we will do everything to bring fresh and high quality products to any part of the globe.


No. of tons traded / year: +1000 tons
Number of species sold:
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Canada do Fisher, Armazém 9 9560-119 Rosário – Lagoa S.Miguel – Açores