About Us


Lurdes Narciso was founded in January 2004 with the team that has transitioned from Maria de Lourdes da Ponte Martins Narciso, a company that started its activity in the field of export of fresh fish and distribution of frozen products on 12 February 1993.

Since then, we have maintained our core business. Hence, our know-how and our organizational culture are the result of learning and dedication of our team for 15 years.

Lurdes Narciso is headquartered on the island of São Miguel and operates in the Azores archipelago and the EU and non EU markets, in partnership with other agents.

We base our work for maintaining good business relations with our suppliers and customers, fulfilling our legal obligations to the state and other official agencies and the general public.

This way of being attentive to our responsibilities allows us to pursue new challenges to security that our ethical principles are kept in different frames of action in which we play our role as a generator of employment and wealth and value creation for our partners, employees and the community in general.

Herself infrastructure company has an occupancy of 1,000 sqm, excluding parking areas and handling.

Provide a quality service in customer satisfaction and consumers in general, promoting the appreciation of his team.

Lurdes Narciso’s vision is to create value and generate wealth through the development and expansion of commercial and industrial activities in the fields of export and distribution of food, or other providing a valuation of the company.


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